Theatre Classes

Acting is the work of an actor or actress who is a person in theatre, television,film or any other story telling medium who tells the story by portraying a character and usually , speaking the written text or play . an actor communicate an audience through speech, body language and movement .this invades interesting the work of writer under the instruction and support of a direction although same work may require the actor to devise a character or inprovise the realizations of a character to a situation.

Syllabus :

  • Warmup:eye rotations, head rotations and body exercises , foot moments and hand movements are taught.

  • Theatre games: we spend most of the time playing theatre games . for the most part , the games seem designed primarily to embarrass people and to give them confidence.

  • Theatre properties: a proptable backstage for the musical number.a property commonly shortened to ‘prop’ is an object used on stage or onscreen by actors during a performance or screen production.

  • Make up: mixing of colours, straight make up and character make up.

  • Direction: selecting , editing and casting movement and blocking theatre discipline.

  • Element of acting.

  • Body language, voice culture facial expressions property utilization.

  • Under acting, over acting , mime acting , mono acting improvisation.

  • Styles of acting: historical, mythological, folk, social.

Duration of the programme:

6 months for adult, age : above 16 years.
8 months for children, age: above 5 to 15 years.