Drawing Classes

When we look around us we see a lot of things ,that is related to art or contain art and show art.it can come in form of many things including posters, murals, portraits, covers, paintings and more.people look at atr to look at different ideas that they want to know more about or may be studying.

Srushti kala mandir provides formal training on drawing to the interesred students starting from the age of 5 .the training is divided into six levels of learning.

Level 1:-basics
  • Pencil, eraser and support knowledge
  • Pencil handling
  • Scribbing
  • Introduction to geometrical shapes
Level 2:
  • Introduction to oil pastels
  • Colour handling
  • Introduction to shading
  • Basics of pencil shading
Level 3:
  • Drawing terminologies
  • Tonal difference
  • Starting sketching and drawing
  • Introduction to still life
Level 4:
  • Still life-light and shades
  • Still life-line art
  • Object drawing
  • Memory drawing
Level 5:
  • Parts of face-eyes ,nose ,ears, lips, hands, feet ,human face {pencil shading}
  • Face expressions
  • Sketches of human anatomy
Level 6:
  • Paint, palette, bowl, paper, brush knowledge , brush handling, brush care
  • Colour wheel, colour mixing
  • Painting flowers, birds
  • Paniting landscapes

Theory classes will also be included in the practical sessions where definitions of point, line,dimension and perspective will be taught.

Student is permitted to take drawing exams after the completion of the coarse.

Inter school drawing competitions will be held every year for the students of class 1 to 10 where everyone will be given certificates and the winners will be awarded in the annual day of the institution.

Crash courses are held on every Saturday and Sundays for interested students.workshops will be conducted in april of every year.where children will be trained specially.

Clay modlling .origami and calligraphy will be taught once in every month.

Drawing exhibitions will be held yearly once where the students can exhibit their drawings.