"Aangikam bhuvanam yasya
Vaachikam sarva vaakmayam
Aaharyam Chandra taaradi
Tam vande satwikam shivam"

Srushti Kala Mandira provides formal training on Bharatanatyam to the interested students starting from the age of 7. Bharathanatyam,being the queen of all forms of Indian classical dance forms, is divided into three levels of teaching-junior ,senior and vidwath.students are trained for all the three levels.

Syllabus :

Basics :

Basic eye, head, neck, and body exercises are taught.

All the adavus-foot movements and hand movements are taught.

Level 1 :

Allaripu in five jaathis.




{includes hastha bedha ,paada bedha} Level 2 :


Varnam-padavarnam {nayaki-nayaka bhava}



[includes all the lessons of angikabhinaya and hastha lakshana, including nayaki –nayaka theory classes] Level 3 :

Dharu varnam

Taana varnam


Natuvangam and jathi compositions

Any new compositions and choreographies will be done for single student for individual programmes

Practical class is inclusive of theory classes where shlokas, hastha bedha ,bhrubedha, gruva bedha, dhruti bedha and shiro bedha is taught along with theoretical lessons.

Student is permitted to take exams on Bharatanatyam conducted by Karnataka secondary education board council, after completion of required training as per syllabus.

Each student should learn practical and theoretical aspects of Bharatanatyam compulsorily , apart from their demonstration. workshops on Bharatanatyam and stage make up, dressing is conduvted by srushti kala mandira . eminent make up artisi will deliver the workshops.

Learning carnatic musiv for every bharatnatyam student is made compulsory and learning Sanskrit is compulsory.

Classes on jathi compositions and natavangam is also conducted on student moves higher the level of learning bharatanatyam.

Students are given an opportunity to chreograh some dance items once in a while to enhance their creativity and learning.

Apart from core classical some Indian folk dances are also taught like hunter dance, koravanji, haalakki kunitha, dollu kunitha, naaga nritya, bhajara nritya, Manipuri folk, bhangra, lambani nrithya……

Students are trained and given opportunity to participate in different stage event and dance festivals from the institution.

Srushti kalamandir celebrates its annual day every year when all the students are givn opportunity for the performance.